waking up late

What to do when hockey season is over and the weekends seem like such a vast open sea of possibilities to fill one’s time with all of a sudden? Well, I say you take up a couple of invites to birthday parties and spend a day partying like a rock star. How’s that for a deranged loner like me? Ha!!! Bet ya never saw that one coming. Well, I like to keep people on their toes.

I started the day off by waking up late … that part sucks. I had to decide what time to take in a movie that was on my weekend watch list. And then I had to fight inertia by getting off my ass and moving around town to take care of all this crap.

So off I go to the theater. Capturing the Friedmans was the film today. Pretty nifty little documentary, one that draws some parallels to why those of us who blog do so as we watch this Long Island family who apparently recorded seemingly every aspect of their lives on videotape. I think at a base level, it comes down to a desire to be understood … or possibly to seek out some understanding of the various tangent thoughts that run through our heads. But the film itself, I’ll be brief about. It was a fascinating and yet disturbing look into a family’s duality and how members bonded and bolted in times of distress as the dad was charged with child molestation. Rather than paint the movie in a “The Story Behind the Headlines” sort of way, the film is told as generically as possible, aiming for a larger moral lesson somewhere in the film footage, both old and new. My take on it is that it’s a film that raises more questions than answers, which means it ain’t a bad little documentary for my taste.