Beginners Guide to Digital Marketing: How To Flood Your Website With Traffic in 30 days

The next thirty days could change the life of your business.How To Flood Your Website With Traffic in 30 daysLearn to navigate an online landscape that’s constantly shifting by following the tested and reliable method pioneered by Romuald Andrade, who has been guiding small businesses and national brands to Internet success for more than nine years. By using his 30-Day Plan, you’ll have real, solid benchmarks for your success and tracking your progress toward making money with your latest endeavor through the application of digital marketing.This book will guide you, step-by-step, through the process of developing your presence on the Internet — from assembling your virtual team,to creating a website that will draw the right kind of traffic,to enacting an email marketing campaign to convert leads into customers who buy.Along the way, you’ll navigate the complicated waters of SEO and social media. Through extensive examples, you’ll come to understand how to address the needs of your t